World Changing Whole Health Practitioners Award

World Changing Whole Health Practitioners Award

The 2021 World Changing Whole Health Practitioners Award

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Why apply?

Get Featured and Published

Be featured LIVE on and in, as well as and in the April 2021 inaugural issue of The Whole Health Journal (TheWHJ) and get multi-media published in both.


Global and National Recognition

Be honored as a Top 100 expert and elevate your brand in worldwide newswire press and nationally in print to millions and on social media through our partnerships. 

Boost Your Brand


We’ll provide you with a branding kit to help leverage and promote your honor and recognition on social media, and through our trusted community to patients, peers, and followers. 

Credibility - Get Influencers


Receive a VERIFIED professional and business profile page in trusted community, and gain the attention of KnoWEwell editors, national and global employers, organizations, and industry leaders.


KnoWEwell Membership

Receive a KnoWEwell Membership ($600 Value) with all benefits, including continuous recognition, promotion, publishing, and like-minded connections, and a subscription to the TheWHJ. 

Transform Healthcare

Be a part of the world changing collaborative network transforming the healthcare we know. Together we inspire and empower individuals to achieve WELLthier Living™  – Happy. Healthy. Abundant. Purpose-Filled. 


Who can apply?

Educated practitioners and provider’s credentialed in their field of expertise (e.g. certification and/or license information), as well as scientists, researchers, those in academia and seasoned recognized experts.  

The bar for winners is high. Applicants will be screened by KnoWEwell, and may include verification and background checked by the U.S. leader Universal Background Screening, as well as judged on real and demonstrable healing and commitments to innovation, with tangible and quantifiable results, such as improvements in patient health outcomes, bridging the knowledge gap, and elevate their profession and the industry. 


What is the process for applying?


Apply today: The 2021 World Changing Whole Health Practitioners. You will be prompted to create an account, enter your billing information and apply any coupon code you may have during check out. You will then brought to a professional and practice questionnaire. 


All U.S. providers complete a comprehensive professional and practice onboarding questionnaire which includes, among other things as applicable: the provider’s education, credentials, certification and/or license information, practice insurance, as well as the related documentation and professional and client references. KnoWEwell reviews the completeness of the questionnaires and verifies the related documentation matches the questionnaire which then forms their profile in our community. 

For practices and professional organizations, we verify the entities are mission-aligned, is insured, and as applicable review their Better Business Bureau rating and or are an entity in good standing, as well conduct checks of the references provided. 



For U.S. Silver and Gold Provider Members, KnoWEwell expands our process and engages Universal Background Screening (“Universal”), a leader in background screening and credential verification. 

Universal conducts checks for Office of Inspector General (OIG) sanctions, the Excluded Parties Listing System for negative information, and verifies the provider’s professional license or, if a license is not applicable the provider’s education credentials or certification. 

Once the information is received, reviewed and if approved by KnoWEwell, the checked providers have “Checked” label added to their profile and their Business Organization Profile is included in KnoWEwell’s Organizations Directory. 



For U.S. Gold Provider Members, the same Checked process described above is performed plus Universal performs a criminal background check. This background check includes a search for relevant criminal convictions through a national criminal database and the sex offender database. 

Once the information is received, reviewed and if approved by KnoWEwell, the checked providers have “Verified” label added to their profile and as applicable their Business Organization Profile is included in KnoWEwell’s Organizations Directory. 

KnoWEwell requires all members to agree to our terms and conditions.

KnoWEwell engages a third-party Universal Background Screening (“Universal”) that verify any applicable provider licenses and uses a national criminal database ("NCD") to screen our Gold Provider Members. The national and state-level licenses vary by profession and state, and the comprehensiveness of the NCD varies by state. 

Universal is accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association, is well known in the medical industry, and maintains the highest level of security and confidentiality of applicant information (the same encryption technology used by the financial industry and for military systems). For more information see their website at 


What is the entry fee?

The entry fee will vary by level of KnoWEwell membership and benefits included as part of your application fee. Please see below for the prices. 

Silver: $600 

Gold: $1020 

What if I apply and don't qualify as a practitioner?

If after KnoWEwell screening and/or Universal Background Screening, we identify that you are not a qualified practitioner, KnoWEwell will refund your application fee less a 20% processing fee. 

When is the deadline to apply?

The deadline is on March 5th. Please note that you can submit your application now and go back and edit your submission before the final deadline. 


When will the finalists be announced?

The finalists will be announced in April on, as well as in the April issue of The Whole Health Journal. 

How many practitioners/providers will be included on the list of winners?

We are anticipating that we’ll announce 100 winners, though that number is subject to change depending on the quality and number of submissions. 

We are also aiming to name 10 honorable mention finalists. 

In addition, we will list all qualified practitioners with gratitude for their healing service to humanity and our planet. 

Have any questions or concerns?  Email the World Changing Whole Health Practitioners Team